The weekend at Dupree Dance Convention and Competition was a great success, and everyone polished up their dance skills and had a lot of fun as well! Thank you to all of the parents and the community for your support of the art of DANCE!

Lynn's Dance Arts took 45 students, along with many parents and six instructors to San Jose, California in late February to Dupree Dance Convention and Competion. The students and teachers took classes in Jazz, Hip Hop, Ballet, Lyrical, Contemporary, Musical Theater and Tap from Master Teachers in the Dance world who choreograph for TV, movies and stars, just to name a few. Some of the teachers have been on "So You Think You Can Dance!"
The Gridley group did seven competition numbers for the Competion on Friday and
Saturday nights, which had over 150 entries. These were the competition numbers:
1. "Not for the Life of Me" performed by Samanth Smith received a Platinum award and 3rd overall Top Score for Solos
2. "Proud Mary" performed by Saydie Price received a Gold Award and a special Judges Award called the "Sparkle Award."
3. "Notice Me" was a duet performed by Fairryn Graff and Carissa Noall and received a Silver Award
4. "If I Die Young" was performed by Alex Montero, Emily Andes, Hannah Gonzalez, Claira Hunter, Roxanna Khan received a Gold Award
5. "Go Gaga" was performed by Junior Dance Team: Ashlyn Donnahoe, Ariel Montero, Carissa Noall, Fairryn Graff, Emily McClellan, Jasmine Ortiz, Clara Rudd, Bailee Roles, and Tayler Santerre received a Silver Award
6. "Dynamite Mix" was performed by Mini Dance Team: Samantha Smith, Sierra Spears, Jordan Perry, Elizabeth Piazza, Ruby Rummelhart, Karsyn McLean, Yasmeen Alfaqueeh,Selina Santillan, and Ciara VanQuick, received a Silver Award
7. "Super Bass" was performed by Senior Dance team: Emily Andes, Brooklyn Facey, Hannah Gonzalez, Claira Hunter, Roxanna Khan, Alex Montero, Mallory Mattos, and Codie Warren. They were joined by some minis: Alicia Andes, Cate Pantaleoni, Charis Pantaleoni, Gracie Gonzalez, Addisen Busch, Becca Hamman, and Maddie Daddow. This dance received a Gold Award, and a special Judges Award called the "Hollywood Award" for being ready to step into Hollywood!