Jeannie A. Couberly died at her home in Biggs Thursday, March 8, 2012, after eleven years of cancer. She was 55.

Jeannie A. Couberly died at her home in Biggs Thursday, March 8, 2012, after eleven years of cancer. She was 55.
Jeannie was born April 11, 1956 in Long Beach, California to Gordon and Joyce Earle and was the younger of two children. Despite her birthplace, Jeannie always considered herself a native of Santa Cruz, California, as she lived there through her teens and early twenties. It was her favorite place in the world. In 1982, while visiting her best friend at Chico State, Jeannie met James “Jim” Couberly. The two were married on June 2, 1984 at their home in East Biggs. Their daughter was the light of Jeannie’s life.
Jeannie cherished beauty and created and shared it in many ways. She was an avid gardener. In the spring her house was outlined in varying shades of tulip; in the summer her backyard was filled with sunflowers so giant their tops would grow heavy, bend and dip into the swimming pool. She gave her blooms as thank yous, cheer ups and, most often, as I love yous. Nothing said, “Jeannie had been here” quite like a vase full of fresh cut flowers. Jeannie was an artist, although she would never admit it, as her work differed from conventional style. With Jeannie, gourds turned into bright pink paper mache flamingos, tables were crafted with stained glass and mirrored tops and old chairs were made into gold-leafed newly upholstered masterpieces. She was always creating. She loved making new out of old and magnificent out of overlooked. Jeannie was a reader, mostly mysteries and detective stories but she was also a fan of the classics. Vivacious, daring, and funny, Jeannie will always be remembered for her quick and sarcastic wit and the sound of laughter that surrounded her. Optimistic and loyal, Jeannie was a wonderful wife and a wonderful mother, but mostly, Jeannie was the best friend anyone could have. She brought so much happiness to the world; to have known Jeannie was to truly be blessed.
Jeannie is loved and remembered by her husband of 27 years, Jim Couberly, of Biggs; daughter, Jessie Couberly, of San Francisco; sister, Janice Earle, of Monte Sereno; and nephew, John.
A Celebration of Life will be held noon to 2 p.m. Saturday April 14, 2012 at the family’s home at 2686 Larkin Rd. Biggs, CA 95917.
Memorial donations can be made to Kids & Art Foundation by mail at 430 N. Canal St. #2 South San Francisco, CA 94080 or online at  HYPERLINK ""