GETTING INSTRUCTIONS FROM COACH – Butte College Athletic Director Craig Rigsbee and Coach Jeff Gordon gave instructions to the children attending the “Quota Cares” Football Camp Saturday while his players listened in.

Smiles were plentiful Saturday at the Butte County Fairgrounds Expo Hall as the Quota Club hosted a Football Camp for kids with the help of the Butte College Roadrunners and their coaches.
    The ten Roadrunners came prepared to help small children with some obstacle courses and techniques and ended up having just as good a time as the children were, as was evident by the big smiles on their faces.
    Each of the participants received a souvenir t-shirt for the occasion with both groups logos affixed and lunch was served by Quota members. Quota members came decked out in their favorite team's NFL jersey and helped out when needed.
    The event was this year's "Quota Cares" project for President Carolyn Erickson and was designed for children who possibly had never held or thrown a football. It was a sight to see as darling little girls threw the big football through a huge tractor tire with the help of the big football players.
    Coaches Craig Rigsbee and  Jeff Gorton were a big part of the fun and thoroughly enjoyed themselves also. The children learned to run obstacles, spike the ball and even dance a little jig as they ran through the obstacle course. During a break, Quota members did face painting of their favorite teams logos.