The following are stories that appeared in the Gridley Herald 25, 50, 75, and 100 years ago:

The following are stories that appeared in the Gridley Herald 25, 50, 75, and 100 years ago:

25 Years Ago (1984)
After alluding broadly to problems at Gridley Union High School for the past year, normally guarded GUHS officials put the cards on the table at Thursday's joint meeting of local school districts to discuss unification.

The quality of education is slipping and will continue to slip, was the message delivered by district trustees. Only increased funding, which would boost teachers' salaries and protect current class offerings, coupled with a K-12 curriculum, continuum can change the situation, they maintained.

For the third time since May, trustees of Gridley Union (elementary) School District denied a request to establish a second bus stop on Cox Lane, when they met in open session last Wednesday evening.

A full blown Oktoberfest will be held October 6 in Gridley at the Butte County Fairgrounds, under the sponsorship of the Gridley Rotary Club. The festivities will start at 6 p.m., according to Chairman Milt Brown, III.

50 Years Ago (1959)
Gridley Libby Cannery was working on tomatoes yesterda,y in a test run of the new concentrator equipment's ability to process tomato paste. It was expected that 100 tons of tomatoes would be run through in three seven hour shifts in the one day, involving four women and eight to ten men on each shift.

Plant superintendent Jim Whitmore said the outcome of the test might be known later in the week. The pumpkin pack will start September 28.

The Biggs 4-H Club held its first regular meeting for the coming year Wednesday night.

Officers were elected as follows: President, Frank Sheppard; vice president, John Sheppard; secretary and treasurer, Florence Sheppard; reporter, Patricia Azevedo; song leader, Marny and Timmy Kelleher; game leaders, Kathy and Mike Mattingly; sergeant at arms, Charles Sheppard.

75 Years Ago (1934)
G.R. Budd, superintendent of Yuba Consolidated Gold Fields Co. and Elden Parker, purchasing agent of the compan,y were up from San Francisco Friday, making arrangements for purchasing materials and building of the camp for the new dredger to be assembled east  of the Carrico ranch on the W.M. Smith property. They plan to employ all local help as far as is practical. Some of the machinery will be sent from Fairplay, Colorado and some from Hammonton.

A check of the enrollment at Gridley High School Thursday, indicated that approximately the same number were in attendance, as was enrolled on the same date last year - 326. Boys outnumber the girls 171 to 155.

Roy Thomsen, Gridley High School agricultural student, purchased a purebred Hampshire gilt at the recent state fair. The gilt won second place in its class and was purchased from James Eager of Live Oak High School.

100 Years Ago (1909)
School began in West Liberty district Monday with Miss Amy Sligar as teacher. Twenty-seven pupils were in attendance the first day and there will be as many as eighteen more by the end of the month. The school building has recently been moved from its former location to the county road east and the work of putting the new foundation under the building has not been completed.

F. Fink who now lives in Corum, but who formerly conducted the Pacific Hotel in this place, was here on a visit Sunday.

Bert Braudt, who has been stopping at the Hotel Orange, hired a rig of the City Stables last Friday and drove toward Oroville. When near the River district school house, he stopped to allow the horse to drink and took the bridle off without unhitching. The horse was stung by a wasp and ran away. Brandt hung on to the animal and was dragged about 200 feet. He was hurt on the scalp and in the back. J.E. Robinson found the man in the road and took him to the county hospital, where he was fixed up. Brandt's injuries are serious.