The following are stories that appeared in the Gridley Herald 25, 50, 75, and 100 years ago:

The following are stories that appeared in the Gridley Herald 25, 50, 75, and 100 years ago:

25 Years Ago (1984)
A grievance procedure for alleged violations of handicapped regulations is being established by the city of Gridley.

The Gridley City Council learned Monday evening it is required to establish a procedure to resolve violations of handicapped rules and regulations.

Mayor Doris Long appointed Councilmen W.R. "Bill" Oakley and D.W "Bud" Spurgeon to the committee. City Administrator Henry Ford, who will also be a committee member, said he would begin to advertise for two handicapped persons to serve on the committee.

According to a memorandum from Ford, "The committee would meet at least quarterly to review and advise the Planning Commission and the Council on  matters of general concern, as well as to sit as the grievance board for resolution of problems, either admitted or alleged to exist."

California farmers have until Oct. 1 to register underground fuel tanks without paying a registration fee to the State Water Resources Control Board.

Those who file after that date must pay $10 per tank. Failure to file by Jan. 1, 1985 ,carries a fine of $500 to $5,000 for each day the tank is not registered.

50 Years Ago (1959)
Gridley Union High School trustees Thursday night discussed the crowded classroom condition at the school and possible building programs to remedy the situation. The record enrollment of 525 students is creating overloading in certain classes and difficulties are being experienced where there are more students than available material, such as in typing and shop.

Superintendent Robert Vaughn outlined possible projects, the addition of one or two wings, depending on the growth outlook, setting up a building fund, or calling for a bond issue. No action was taken other than to request further study for discussion at the October meeting.

75 Years Ago (1934)
The Gridley Creamery has installed at an expense approaching  $2,000 a new motor driven churn of CherryBurrell manufacture. This latest type equipment will enable the local plant to increase its output and at the same time greatly speed up the process of butter making.

The public is extended a cordial invitation to call at the plant at any time and inspect the new equipment and learn just how the Feather River Brand butter is made.

Work on the first of two dredgers that the Yuba Consolidated Gold Fields plans to construct and operate in the Rio Bonito district, will begin in the next ten days, the board of supervisors was informed Saturday. Representatives of the company appeared before the board and obtained permission to move along county roads. The heavy machinery is to be used in building the boats.

100 Years Ago (1909)
At a meeting of the citizens of the east side Thursday night at the City Hall, definite action was taken looking toward the construction of a levee to protect the east side from overflow from the slough north of town. The inundations which have occurred  three times in the past ten years,  are not dangerous, but are inconvenient and the property owners have decided that it shall be done away with.

The Cannery is getting out some record packs of cling peaches this week. The Phillips cling are on in full force and are running the plant at full capacity.

The early opening of the Gridley schools, on the 13th, is a fact which is regretted by the cannery management, as it will work a considerable hardship cutting down on them by their working force materially.