The following are stories that appeared in the Gridley Herald 25, 50, 75, and 100 years ago:

The following are stories that appeared in the Gridley Herald 25, 50, 75, and 100 years ago:

25 Years Ago

Weekly bingo games were approved by the GUHS trustees  as part of the school's parents club motion to allow the group to sponsor benefit games in the exhibit hall that is used as a school cafeteria.

A sublease of the facility, leased during the school year from Butte County's Fair Board, will be submitted for approval at the next meeting of GUHS trustees. A set of regulations governing the games also will be presented, Superintendent Jim Underhill said.

50 Years Ago

Clark Stowe has asked Dr. Lawrence, Memorial Hospital staff chairman, to offer the balance of the Clark Stowe Cancer Fund some $1,000, to the hospital towards the purchase of a new mobile X-ray machine. Dr. Lawrence was to make the offer to the directors at the annual membership dinner last night. The machine will be particularly useful in the diagnosis of cancer and also aid in surgery.

Clark Stowe is also the chairman of the Gridley Unit of the Butte County Chapter of the American Cancer Society. The original Clark Stowe Cancer Fund was set up with the idea of local education before the Gridley Unit was formed. The ACS education program made it seem advisable to use the local fund for equipment that could be used in the early detection of cancer.
Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Stewart and family, of Arroyo Grande, returned home Friday after visiting here for a week. Alvin's mother, Mrs. Dimon Stewart, accompanied them home.

75 Years Ago

Benefit dance to be held at Robinson's Corner. Assemblyman J.E. Frazier reports considerable interest in the benefit ball to be given at Robinson's Corner next Tuesday evening.  Funds from the dance, sponsored by the Gridley, Biggs and Oroville communities, will go toward a national foundation for the study and cure of infantile paralysis. The hall is being contributed free of charge by R.E. Robinson, likewise the All Star Orchestra is contributing its services without charge.  Frazier states that tickets maybe secured in advance from C.W. Chase, I. Ambrose, E.S. Hayward, W.H. Block, members of the American Legion post in Gridley and F.H. Thomas of Biggs. A similar sale of tickets is being carried out in Oroville.

Street Work Is Employing Seven
Unpaved stretches of Sycamore and portions of Oregon Street are being prepared for surfacing with a crew of seven men at work. The men are to be paid from the state gas tax allocation to Gridley. Approximately $2,000 will be available for this class of work.

100 Years Ago

Diamond Match Co., in Biggs, CA advertised full and complete stock of Sugar Pine, Yellow Pine, Spruce, doors, windows, blinds and mouldings constantly on hand. Fruit boxes and drying trays, prices as low as the lowest. Give us a call.

There was a notable gathering of the Masonic fraternity in this city last Monday night on the occasion of the installation of the newly elected officers and the annual banquet, which was held at the Hotel Colonia, and was up to the usual standard of landlord Harper.

James Marshall, of Gridley, was the installing officer who was assisted by Frank F. Carnduff, Master of Ceremonies.

The officers are: W.E. Walker, Master; F.E. Archanbault, Senior Warden; Henry W. Hazelbusch, Junior Warden; G.K. Smith, Treasurer; W.R. Riddle, Secretary; W.W. Doty, Chaplain; B. Caldwell, Marshal; Paul Albers, Senior Deacon; Chas. Hansen, Junior Deacon; A.M. Woodruff, Tyler.