I've often marveled at the service we receive in this city and wonder if other cities are treated as well as we are by their merchants.

I've often marveled at the service we receive in this city and wonder if other cities are treated as well as we are by their merchants.

I've always thought of different instances and thought it would make a good column but I recently put it to pen, rather than in my mind.

I recently went to the Ice Burgie and mentioned I wanted to surprise my nephew with lunch but wasn't sure what he would want. A gal I don't know told me exactly what he would want and what he would want on it. I already knew this local landmark kept track of their regular customer's favorite drinks, which comes in handy when someone else wants to order for them and can't remember the special flavoring!

This got me thinking of the  many times I have ordered flowers from our local florists and not known an exact address for the recipient. In the big city, I'm sure I would be turned down without an exact address, but the glory of living in a small town is, that the florists probably know everyone or chances are they have already delivered to this location.

It is all about making life simpler for the customer.

Every once in awhile we have a situation because we use MAC computers, instead of PC's for the newspaper and sometimes programs are not compatible and we can't retrieve photos.
Dorothy at Applied Computer is always quick to drop everything and encourage me to come right over. She has helped us out of binds by emailing needed photos on several occasions. I'm sure in other towns, you can't call your local mechanic when your car won't start and have them offer to pick your car up, rather than have to pay a tow truck fee.

Speaking of mechanics, how many would let you take your car in on a Friday afternoon at 2:30, when the air conditioner had suddenly quit on a particularly hot day, so you have it working for the weekend? You know who you are! Thank you very much!

I am sure there aren't many towns where you can drive up to a national chain convenience store gas pump, wave to the owner and not have to pay in advance.

How about loading your cart up with nursery items at Mac's Hardware and finding out your haul has already been placed in the back of your truck before you even finished paying? They wouldn't even know what you drive at a big box store out of town, or care.

A friend visiting my house recently asked what color my bathroom is painted and asked if she could copy it. I told her to go to Ace Hardware and ask for my bathroom color. I have no doubt they did this for her.

Let's not forget the groups that do good deeds for so many. Our Public Works crews who are always there for the businesses and city homeowners, whether it's to help with a tree, a sidewalk or an alley full of holes after bad rains. It's never too much to ask for Alvie and his crew.

City of Gridley Electric crew is top notch and Gary and his crew are often working in the middle of the night or in the extreme heat of the day to make sure we have heat/air and lights.

I can't go without mentioning our friends at the Moose Lodge who step up to the plate, particularly for those in need.

I know local real estate agents who mow the lawns of their clients, and fix different problems themselves, to make sure the house is ready to sell. All this at no extra charge to the homeowner. Would you get this kind of service in the big city?

I have to mention Don Butler at Herman's Glass, who made a wooden doorstop for our front office door, when the attached door stop broke off. We didn't ask for it, he just noticed we were using a box to prop it open and took care of the problem immediately.

I would be remiss not to mention our dear departed friend Kevin Manes and the supreme gift that he and Jolene gave to the town in the way of the wonderful work done at Quota Park.

It's people like this who make us happy that we live here in "The Small Town That Loves Company," and loves their neighbors.