The Following are stories that appeared in the Gridley Herald 25, 50, 75 and 100 years ago.

25 Years Ago

Traditionally, Friday and Saturday are the big attendance days at the Butte County Fair and this year was no exception with Friday August 26 seeing a record crowd of 15,929 fairgoers passing through the gates. Saturdays count was 14,703.

Overall attendance was 55,427 Oroville’s Kristi Youngblood , 8, the daughter of Ted and Dianne Youngblood, took first place honors at Friday evening’s Butte County Missette Contest. She captured the hearts of the judges by singing, and playing the guitar for two country western songs.

50 Years Ago

With diversity of outstanding entertainment, nearly 8,000 items from 500 exhibitors on display, thousands of gorgeous blossoms , plants and arrangements and a host of colorful booths of all types, the 1958 Golden Feather Fair will open the gates at 1:00 p.m. Today.

The annual Gridley Rodeo will be held Saturday night, Aug. 30, sponsored by the
Gridley Roping Club.

The Gridley Rodeo attracts contestants from all over northern California. Some of the top cowboys will be on hand to make it one of the most exciting shows ever seen.

Safeway weekly grocery ad features ... Whole Frying Chickens 37¢ Per pound... Parkay Margarine 26¢ Per pound... Ground Beef 59¢ Per pound.

75 Tears Ago

With workers and growers in accord as to box and hour wage peach picking is in full production in all orchards, the harvest being resumed Wednesday afternoon in orchards operated by the California Lands Inc., and the Steadman orchards, the latter orchards having shut down all picking pending a settlement of the strike.

The only near tragic incident of the labor disturbances which centered in this community the past week, occurred Wednesday morning when M.A. Clemons, 35, and John Lindsay, 27, were injured when run over by a truck driven by Ernest Steadman youngest son of Mr. And Mrs. Edward Steadman and a senior student at the University of California.

Feelings continued to run high among workers in regard to the injured workers and at a meeting held at the dance pavilion Wednesday Night a resolution was passed voicing a demand the officers arrest young Steadman. It was also agreed that if Clemons died a mass funeral service should be held.

100 Years Ago

Edward Walker who superentends the loading and dispatching of the cars of fruit from this place for the Earl Fruit Company. Informs this paper that during the month of August he sent out 70 cars of various kinds of fruit from the Gridley depot.

This fruit has all gone to Chicago or points east of that city. The cars are iced at various locations Alexander Stafford a resident of this place , a recent comer from West Virginia, where he was interested in coal and iron lands, has turned his spare time to account during the past few weeks, by constructing a novel boat with an equally novel method of propulsion.

The boat is a broad and comfortable one with a section cut away at the stern and housed in. In the well formed in this way is constructed a paddle wheel which is turned by a link belt chain which is driven by a pair of bicycle pedals which the operator treads in the same way as in riding a wheel.

Mr. Stafford proposes to make some improvements suggested by the trial trips he has taken in the new boat.