The Following are stories that appeared in the Gridley Herald 25, 50, 75 and 100 years ago.

The Following are stories that appeared in the Gridley Herald 25, 50, 75 and 100 years ago.

25 Years Ago

Tri/Valley Growers’ Gridley cannery will begin canning pumpkin for Libby McNeil and Libby next Tuesday at 6 a.m. This is about two weeks earlier than last year. Plant manager Ron Crawford said Wednesday the first crew has been called for a 6 a.m. Starting time August 30. The canning season will continue on a three shifts per day for five to six weeks.

Placement testing for all new sixth, seventh and eighth grade Gridley students will be held at Sycamore intermediate school, 1125 Sycamore St.. Testing will be begin at 9a.m. Friday Sept. 2 at the school.

50 Years Ago

Famed racing turtle Peter the Great feels good and spry on his arrival in Gridley in spite of his two thousand mile trip. Peter ran real well in a trial workout this morning although he had to run with a muzzle on because he has become cross in his old age and developed a tendency to bite.

His biting power became evident when he bit the garden hose in half and chased off the resident dog and cat from the yard. The Gridley Jaycees are selling Peter the Great sired racing stock for the Golden Feather Fair turtle derby.

Harold Ross is the new president of the Gridley District Chamber of Commerce taking over mid-term from Nick Daddow who resigned the presidency to take over as secretary-manager of the chamber. The chain of events resulted from the resignation of Janet Kirch who is studying for her teachers credential.

75 Tears Ago

Hurried and bedeviled, the state board of equalization worked industriously today to head off a sales tax repeal movement by smoothing out wrinkles in collection methods.

Meanwhile, Governor Roth’s veto of the personal income tax gave impetus to the tax repeal movement, according to reports.

The tax rate for the city of Biggs was set at $2,00 for the
coming fiscal year at a special meeting. The rate means a redu tion of .60¢ under last years tax rate.

Clifford Robinson, 15- year -old son of Mr. and Mrs. R.R. Robinson, is recovering rapidly from an operation preformed at the Gridley-Harrison hospital last Tuesday to relieve strangulation of the intestine Dr. Harrison expect to be able to remove the boy to his home northeast of Gridley sometime today or tomorrow.

The Woodstock ball club of Sacramento defeated the Gridley Pelicans 6 to 0 in a one sided game played on the Gridley field Sunday.  The locals collected only six scattered hits. Pelicans seemed to have the stage set in the eighth inning for a come back, but Dark pitching for Woodstock would have none of it and struck out Ponce, Arnold and Little in a row.

100 Years Ago

Herman Block the well known young farmer whose place is about three miles west of Gridley, has been appointed Deputy Sheep Inspector in the employ of the Bureau of animal industry, United States Department of Agriculture. He will be in charge of inspecting sheep in Sacramento and Yolo counties.

Articles of incorporation of what is to be known as the Live Oak and Encinal Light & Power Company, for the purpose of furnishing light and power to
residents of Live Oak and Encinal and those living in or near the Sunset Colonies, were filed this week/ The company will run a line of light and power wires from Encinal north along country road to Live Oak furnishing lights for the residents along the road, lighting the road and streets of Live Oak.